The Last Hoorah

As the semester is coming to an end, and that this blog is for a class, the time has come to wrap this sucker up. Its been a great time lashing out my utter rage through a keyboard, but these are my last days. Hopefully this season ends well for Liverpool, hopefully we don’t bottle it like I am scared might happen. Who knows.

Liverpool Handle Watford Away From Home 1-0

Part one of the four remaining games has been a success, with a semi-convincing victory over Watford 1-0 away from home. With just three games left after this, any victory will be taken.

It all started pretty worrying when Coutinho caught a knee to his thigh around the 4th minute mark. What seemed to just be a dead leg, it took Coutinho a long time to get off the field and when he returned on, it didn’t look good. The only replacement for Coutinho would be Lallana, who has just gotten off of injury and was not supposed to be playing for most of the game. This meant Coutinho had to hobble around for an addition 6 minutes in order to allow Lallana to warm up. So, basically the first ten minutes of the game were just a waste waiting for Coutinho to be able to go off. But, luckily the injury doesn’t seem like something that will keep him out of the next game, so all is well that ends well.

Then the next 30 minutes of the game were kinda a snore fest, Liverpool possessing the ball well but with Watford sitting back there wasn’t much going on offensively for the Reds.

But then around the 40th minute mark, Lallana hit a beautiful ball off a corner kick clearance that rattled the bar so damn hard. The first real chance for Liverpool in a game in which few came.

But, the game winning goal came in extra time of the first half, with what might be the goal of the year by Emre Can. Just a ridiculous ball sent in by Lucas to the most perfect bicycle I’ve ever seen. I was speechless because the thing is its not the I didn’t know Can could do that, it is that I KNOW he can’t do that, even after seeing him do it. I mean look at this.


And that was basically it for the game. Watford scared the daylights out of me when they hit the bar in the last minute, but hey we won so I don’t care.

Liverpool vs Watford Predictions

The next opponent that the mighty Reds face is away at Watford this Monday. Watford is sitting right in the middle of the table at 10th, 26 points behind Liverpool. The first time we faced them early in the season in November, we won a thrilling 6-1 home game. They hardly even challenged us in any aspect, so I can’t see this game going badly for us. Although the game is home for the Hornets, they aren’t fighting for top 4 or fighting to get out of relegation. While Liverpool needs to win as many games as possible to keep us in the top 4. Usually, I am sacred of the opposing teams offense, but for Watford their top scorer has an abysmal 10 goals, with the second behind him having 6. Their defense is alright, but with a -17 goal differential, I am not scared at all. For Liverpool this should be a huge confident booster for our games in the future.

Now I am gonna go balls to the walls with predictions that I will have a 0% chance of getting correct. I am going to go 3-0 Liverpool with goals from Coutinho and two from Firmino. Jot that down, keep that in a safe place till Monday and be amazed when the game finishes.

Transer Rumors: Who and What should we buy?

As the season comes to a close, transfer rumors for every player and every club are beginning to swirl, most with no truth to back them at all. Regardless, sports fans like myself eat up every single rumor that’s thrown out there. It is how we cope with knowing there isn’t going to be soccer in our lives for the next few months. So, why not join in on the fun? Here are some of my takes on the hot transfer talks for Liverpool this summer.

Spending Big: So far, Liverpool’s ownership has yet to throw a lot of money (for big club’s standards) around to get high caliber players. Yet, this summer it is rumored that we will be spending 100-200 million pounds on transfers. Unfortunately, with all the money in the league, I see this to be necessary. Gotta spend tons of money to get quality, and for a club like Liverpool, we need some quality in our lives.

There are two trains of thought here. Buy a lot of players with less worth but have high potential, or buy a few, quality, proven players. For me, I have to side with the latter.

Liverpool only need a few players in their team to really win the league. A centre back, a left back, a central midfielder (maybe) a goalie. Some say we need a 20 goal a season striker on our team, but Liverpool’s offense isn’t really where we are lacking. Yes of late our offense has slowed down, but I blame that on the fact that we solely rely on them to win. A strong side starts with a strong defense that can control the game from the back. Liverpool cannot even come close to doing that at the moment.

Our offensive power houses include Mane, Firmino, Coutinho, Lallana and Wijnaldum. That is arguably the most complete offense in the entire league. Although, if we did get a better striker, I wouldn’t be mad. But, defense needs to be addressed first.

Virgil van Dijk: Liverpool has been linked to the promising, young center back van Dijk from Southampton. From what I’ve seen from him, I needed him in our defense. Liverpool is rumored to be prepared to break the club transfer record and blow 50 million pounds on him. An I say go do it. He is fast, massive, strong and has great positioning. Exactly the type of defensive leader we need. I am all in on the van Dijk train and I will ride it away into the sunset.

Coutinho to Barcelona: Another year, another player from Liverpool desired from the world powerhouse, Barcelona. Here is my take. Coutinho loves his life at the moment, is the star of the club, can do no wrong, and is playing with some of his best friends. He does NOT want to leave, yet. He has one of the best coaches in the world who lets him play as he pleases, he is the engine of a team that could win almost anything after a good transfer window, and he loves Liverpool.

BUT, I said the same thing about Suarez, who lead Liverpool to almost win a league title, but left the next season when Barca came knocking. And can you blame him? The opportunity to play for the biggest club in the world, along side with Messi, the greatest player ever, and Neymar, the greatest young player in the world. Who wouldn’t?

And thats why Coutinho just might leave this summer. Now, he has the opportunity to play with his long time friend and greatest striker in the world, Suarez, Messi and Neymar. For an attacking middy like Coutinho, thats the exact group of players you want playing in front of you.

And if he does leave, Liverpool must spend that money they got for him immediately for a striker or a replacement. Worst thing is, I don’t know if there is a player like Coutinho out there to even get. Alright this blog is getting me depressed and thinking too much, I need to stop.

Steven Gerrard named Coach of LFC’s U18 Team

Today Liverpool announced that former Reds legend, Steven Gerrard, would be head coach of the U18 academy team. Born and raised in Liverpool, Gerrard is arguably the greatest Liverpool player there has ever been. Playing for Liverpool his whole career, he left for one year to play in America for Los Angles. Yet, being a scouser, he dreamed, and so does every supporter, of coming back to Liverpool to coach. Well folks, here is the first step. On the pitch, he was Liverpool embodied, captaining the team for 14 years straight. He led Liverpool to some of the greatest victories in its 125 year history, and will forever be remembered as on of, if not the, greatest player ever to play at the club. Being my favorite player ever since I started watching, I can’t wait to watch Stevie manage the top team in 5 years. Great day for Liverpool fans everywhere.

Celebrating 125 Years

2017 marks the 125th anniversary of Liverpool Football Club. There are not too many professional sports teams around the world that are as old as LFC. And with this special milestone, comes a fresh new home jersey that gets back to old school roots. A very old school type design with the white accents around the collar and sleeves, along with the old school triangular collar design. The new LFC 125th Anniversary logo contrasting the jersey in gold, showing what is the most important part of the jersey. I can’t wait to buy one of these beauties, and celebrate a league title in it next year. 

Race to the Finish

With just under 4 weeks left in the EPL season, the race to the finish is truly on. Teams have around 4-7 games left depending on how many games they have played, so every point needs to be squeezed out of every game. Lets take a look at the table at the moment. Leading the pack is the almighty, rich, snobby, worst club in the league, Chelsea. They currently have 78 points with 33 games played (there are 38 games in the season) and sitting a comfortable 7 points ahead. After last years wild Leicester championship, the football world is seemingly going back to normal, which is slightly disappointing. Just behind them are the kings of winning nothing, Tottenham. They have 71 points in 32 games played and you may think “Hey, they look like they have a real chance of winning!”. No. You would be terribly wrong. Tottenham has coming up short in any competition running through their blood, and besides that, they lost 4-2 to Chelsea this past weekend in a cup game, but they have locked up second! In third place we have the greatest club ever, Liverpool. With 66 points in 34 games, I am getting NERVOUS. I need Champions League back into my life, so we must finish in the top 4. But, with the two teams behind us the race is getting reaaaaaal close. And after a somewhat nonsensical lose to Crystal Palace with ex-Liverpool striker Benteke knocking two in on us. Dominated the game, but lost, that just happens some days. Also, Champions League means new stadium renovations which is just wonderful to think about. Now, on to the 5th place team, Manchester City. Sitting at 64 points with 32 games played, they are right in the back of Liverpool’s neck. Sort of surprising, seeing as they have one of the best coaches in the world with a star studded lineup, their defense seems to be holding them back. Pray for us that Man City doesn’t start playing how they should in the last stretch. Rounding out the top 5 we have Manchester United, the scum of England, sitting at 63 points with 32 games. With a slow start to the season, they have started to play well of late, but lets hope they stay out of the top 4 because they are the worst. The best time of the season is upon us, lets sit back and enjoy the ride.

Liverpool Vs Bournemouth Live Reactions

Min 1: Huge home game, a must win, and with Mane, Lallana and Henderson out it will be tough. But, the crowd is lively, lets gggggooooooo!!!!

Min 7 GOAL (BOU): What in the hell are we doing. Playing around in the back of our box like we have our heads chopped off. Passing back to the keeper with 2 players on our back line? Already pissed off. Can never play against terrible teams.

Min 19: Things are starting together now for us. Putting some pressure on, but there just seems to be that last finishing touch. Wouldn’t be surprised if a goal comes here soon

Min 21: Hey I was almost right, except it would have been on us! COME ON!

Min 39 (Goal LIV): WOOOOOOO. Coutinho is back baby. Nice little flick from Origi, Firmino with a lovely through ball, and Coutinho with a calm finish. Just need to control the pace of the game and get a few more.  

HALFTIME Liverpool 1-1 Bournemouth

Min 47: Clyne!!! Wow what a strike right off the bar from Clyne. Not the most likely of suspects, but hey give me whatever. Looking good at the start of the half.

MID GAME INTERRUPTION: This Chelsea vs Man City game on in the background for me right now is verrrry good. That is all.

Min 58 (Goal LIV): Perfect. Wijnaldum gets one back after giving up the first goal by setting up for Origi. Mane’s replacement stepping up big. Now just gotta finish this one up.

Min 65: Matip on for Coutinho, making changes for a stronger defense. Trying to win this game out and give Coutinho some rest for his goal.

Min 80: Things are getting hectic, please last just 10-13 more mins!

Min 86 (Goal BOU): I knew it, could just feel it coming. Still can’t beat this low level teams. Man City losing is good, because it seems like its just one point for this game.

FINAL Liverpool 2-2 Bournemouth

I just don’t know why we can’t win these games. Infuriating

SADio Mane

With 8 games left in the season, and with Liverpool clinging on to a Champions League spot, having your second best player getting injured for the remainder of the year us not ideal. I am heartbroken that Mane is done for the season. One of the most exciting players in all of the League this year. Damn shame. Let us hope Divock Origi or Daniel Sturridge can pick up the slack. Let us pray.

The Coutinho Conundrum

In recent weeks there has been a ramping up of rumors about Coutinho leaving Liverpool this summer to go play in, the much nice, Spain. Barcelona is reportedly putting a lot of interest for our beloved midfielder, somewhere near $125 million. That is serious serious money. As of now, Coutinho says he wants to be here at Liverpool and challenge for the league and champions league. The delusional sports fan in me eats that quote up and believes every bit of it. Of course he is gonna stay in the dreary port city of Liverpool and not go to the beautiful Barcelona to play with the best players in the world! Now I’m not calling Coutinho a liar, I actually believe him (kinda). The thing is, I know Coutinho loves playing for Liverpool, I know he loves the players he plays with, and I know he loves the culture. But, Barcelona is the team a player like Coutinho dreams to play for. His style of football, Messi, Neymar and his old Liverpool pal, Suarez. Not to mention you get to play in front of like a million die hard fans every home game. BUT, I think we keep him one more year, for one last hoorah, to win that title.